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Use of Scribes

April 8, 2004


The teaching physician may use a scribe to assist in the documentation of a patient service. The following categories of individuals may not act as scribes:

  • Residents
  • Interns
  • Fellows
  • Medical Students

A scribed note must include the following:

  • An authenticated and dated personal note from the scribe that he/she was acting as a scribe on behalf of a teaching physician (e.g. In the presence of Dr. Faculty, I am taking down these notes.); and,
  • A signed attestation by the teaching physician indicating that the note accurately reflects the physician's personal service and that it was scribed on their behalf (e.g. I performed the above scribed service and agree with the accuracy of the note.)

The resident, fellow, intern and teaching physician should document the level of service that he/she provided. The combined documentation will be used to code the service.

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